What is EZ Gel Plasma Filler?

EZ Gel Plasma Filler is a 100% natural, regenerative and volumizing filler that contains both serum albumin and growth factors obtained through your own blood source. Using the body’s own powerful proteins, instead of relying on artificial components, plasma filler is a prime treatment for skin rejuvenation and volumization.

How does EZ Gel work?

The human body naturally produces certain proteins and growth factors to heal itself when necessary. Plasma filler consists of a new technology that uses your own blood to produce a unique concentration of volumizing proteins and rejuvenating growth factors, naturally stimulating and maximizing the regenerative process of diverse cell types and tissues. It is obtained by mixing the growth factors of liquid PRF and the albumin of plasma. This is achieved by the centrifugation and heating process of a whole blood sample without chemicals or modifications. It also provides an innovative flexible consistency allowing the plasma gel’s viscosity to adapt to the various areas of treatment. The extended release of growth factors and bio stimulation further enhance beautiful, natural results.

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